Inter-factional parliamentary association "Bezzayve: responsible consumption, ecology, fight against pollution" - an association of concerned People's Deputies of Ukraine, created with the support of environmental NGOs, environmental activists, and conscious citizens.


The initiator of the civic association is the People's Deputies of Ukraine of the IX convocation, who responded to environmental NGOs and activists' request.


The primary purpose of creating an inter-factional parliamentary association is to facilitate the development of conscious consumption and production in Ukraine and advocate for more ethical solutions for people and ecological solutions for the environment.

IFA management


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The Public Council

at the IFA

The Public Council at the IFA is an advisory and consultative body, which aims to develop comprehensive decisions and involve citizens in a broad discussion of legislative initiatives.

The Chairperson of the Public Council for 2021-2024 is Yana Chervinska, the Head of the NGO “BEZZAYVE,” the ideological founder of the Sustainable Fashion Pad.


IFA is an inter-factional deputy association – a voluntary association of people’s deputies. The Chairperson of the plenary sitting of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine announces the establishment of an inter-factional deputy association upon written notification of the head of such association. IFA activity is regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On the Rules of Procedure of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine,” the Constitution of Ukraine, and other normative legal acts.

Participation in IFA does not provide any financial preferences to the People’s Deputies of Ukraine. All members of our IFA are ideological fighters for the environment and harm reduction.

We are a unique inter-factional association that gathers not only MPs but also civil society, business, and active citizens.

We believe that time is not on our side – the planet is dying! We need to join forces for a new environmental policy.

It is completely free but requires the full support of your candidacy by all members of the Board.

No one in the IFA or the Public Council receives a monetary reward. All our events are organized with co-financing by partner and member organizations.

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